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Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Integral European Conference 2014

Notatki z Integralnej Europejskiej Konferencji Budapeszt 2014

zdjęcia ze strony:   

 Budapeszt 8-11 maja 2014

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Wednesday, 02 April 2014

FUNdamenty w Skawinie, Luboniu, Działdowie,

Czechowicach-Dziedzicach i Koszalinie

kwiecień, maj i czerwiec 2014

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

We invite you to attend our training camps in Poland         

Summer 2014   

The first steps from dream to Mastery in table  tennis

Międzyzdroje 1-11.7 and 15-25.7       

Luboń 15-25.8

Participants. These training camps are for children of primary and high-junior schools (preferably 7-15 years old). They are for everybody who started playing table tennis 1-4 years ago, dreams and wants: (1) to pursue  table tennis and life Mastery; (2) to learn basics of the sport; (3) to develop own body and mind; (4) to meet other peers who have the passion; (5) to co-create unrepeatable atmosphere of playing and learning.                     

The objectives. During summer training camps participants will learn and improve: (1) basic technical and tactical table tennis skills; (2) improve basic physical qualities, the most important for your age developmental stage; (3) learn and develop basic mental table tennis skills; (4) learn how “sport can change your life for much better place to live”.              

The program. In our summer training camps we are planning:

Training utilizing the best practices known and used in growing up table tennis Masters – 3-6 hours a day, including: (1) learning and developing basic table tennis skills – grips, basic ready positions, footwork, services and returns, basic attacking and defending strokes etc.; (2) multi-ball training to develop special and specific table tennis physical qualities; (3) activities to improve general and special physical qualities – coordination, speed, agility etc.; (4) activities to improve flexibility and for balanced development of the body.                                                                                                                                                            

Training utilizing the best known and used practices to develop mental skills (mental activities will be included and combined with physical activities): (1) learning to observe mindfully oneself, own movements and behaviours, body and mind; (2) learning to focus one’s mind on the task; (3) learning how to deal with various emotions (various methods of relaxing body-mind); and (4) learning first steps how to trigger the best emotional states when playing table tennis, how can you think and feel as table tennis Master.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

 Games and competitions – enabling learning basic table tennis tactical principles and „art of winning”.

Active rest – we propose at least two excursions per camp for our participants:        

Międzyzdroje: (1) Visiting  Wolinski National Park - (2) Visiting Museum of Celebrity Wax Figures (3) Cruise over the Baltic Sea (4) Visiting Chopin Park, seaside, promenade of stars, pier etc..

Luboń: (1) Visiting Poznan Malta Aquapark: ; (2) Visiting New Zoological Garden: ; (3) Malta Park Railway Trip; (4) Visiting Arkady Fiedler Museum (traveller and writer) with interesting exhibits from all over the World ; (5) Visiting Poznan fortifications in the beautiful park; (6) Visiting Old City in Poznan.

Staff. Children will be supervised by Professional coaches, teachers and educators (who participate the program „FUNdamentals. From the dream to the Mastery”:

·         Jerzy Grycan – master (the highest in Poland) level table tennis coach, mental coach, for over 20 years worked with the national teams in Poland and Australia, his pupils have achieved hundreds of medals in domestic and international championships, lecturer in Sports Trainers’ University in Warsaw, the author of the book „Integralny tenis stołowy” (“Integral table tennis”);

·         Magdalena Górowska level 2 table tennis coach, multi-champion of Poland in all age categories, coach in Jagellonian University in Cracow;

·         Anna Bednarska-Wnek – level 1 (second highest in Poland) table tennis coach – i.e. AZS Politechnika Wroclaw, multi-medalist in Polish Championships, ex-National Team player, reporter;

·         Tomasz Redzimski – level 2 coach, assistant-coach of National Team, head-coach in Bogoria Grodzisk Mazowiecki, the most successful club in Poland last few years (Wang Zengyi, Gorak, Floras, Fertikowski), champion of Poland;

o   The team of experienced coaches and teachers from various parts of Poland. They all have rich experience in working with youth in sport, physical education and table tennis, all with passion and high personal standards.

There will also be in every camp the sport centre manager and the nurse to supervise the safety and health of the children. The presented staff will ensure professional, competent and kind care, with necessary sport discipline and fun!  

Training conditions.

Training camp in Międzyzdrojebeautiful town on Wolin Island, at the seaside: (1) Accommodation, canteen, training hall are all in Primary School no 1 in Międzyzdroje, 17 Leśna Street – 1,5km from the sea; (2) Guardians and coaches should come with children on 1 July between 2:00 – 5:00 pm (for the second camp the gathering is on 15 July) and report to the reception of the camp; on the first day we offer the dinner; (3) Participants will live in 6-10 bedroom rooms made in neat classrooms with comfortable beds; (4) School canteen enables breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the whole group at a time; (5) The school has also modern hall (The Andrzej Grubba Hall, built 4 years ago) with 25 tables Butterfly, rest-rooms with showers etc.; (6) School has also modern sports field and is near the forest with jogging tracks; (7) We will have also assembly room for video presentations, mental and tactical sessions; (8) All participants will have accident insurance NNW; (9) Guardians and coaches should pick up children on 11 July between 8:30-12:00 am. Picking up the children after the second camp is on 25 July between 8:30-12:30                                                                                                                                                                                               

Training camp in Luboń, town in Poznan poviat: (1) Accommodation, canteen, training hall are all in Secondary School no 2 in Luboń, 1 H.Kołłątaja Str; (2) Guardians and coaches should come with children on 15 August between 2:00 – 5:00 pm and report to the reception of the camp; on the first day we offer the dinner; (3) Participants will live in 6-8 bedroom rooms made in neat classrooms with comfortable beds; (4) School canteen enables breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the whole group at a time; (5) The school has also modern hall with 25 tables, fitness rooms, rest-rooms with showers, sauna etc.; (6) We will have also assembly room for video presentations, mental and tactical sessions; (7) All participants will have accident insurance NNW; (8) Guardians and coaches should pick up children on 25 August between 8:30-12:00 am.                                                                                                                                                                                             

 Referencies.  What have others said about training with Jerzy Grycan?   

Lucjan Błaszczyk (32-times champion of Poland, 12-times medalist in European Championships, champion of Europe, competed in 4 Olympic Games, 5-8 in Athens 2004): „I owe to Jerzy Grycan that of what kind of the player and the person I am at present, that I can enjoy playing table tennis for so many years. I have learned from him rituals for managing myself today”.

Tomasz Krzeszewski (5-8 in Athens 2004, competed 2 times in Olympic Games, multi-medalist and champion in many European and Polish championships, national coach of Poland): „Thanks to working with the coach Jerzy Grycan I learned that you need to work with the same attention with the body and the mind. I learned to stay mindful and focused in every training and competition. I learned to control own emotions and how to deal with stress during every match. Ability to trigger the right mental state for every match enabled me to achieve successes in sport”.  

Adam Haller de Hallenburg (Director of Gestalt Counselling Center in Krakow, psychotherapist, Ju Jitsu coach): „Table tennis training in Jurek Grycan’s proposition is the activity that represents far more than sport’s efforts, it is the holistic self-help activity that develops own awareness as table tennis player, and to an equal degree awareness as human being in relation with other people”.  

Anna Bednarska-Wnęk (coach): „In my opinion the greatest advantage of Jurek Grycan is that he works with the whole personality. He doesn’t change or ‘brainwash’, he just helps to grow and pursue the mastery – to live and play with passion”.  

Trevor Brown ("Australian team member, 2004 Athens Olympic Games, 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games"): "My time spent working with Jurek was a constant learning experience.  He teaches the finer points of mental preparation, tactical and technical mastery; he’s the ideal coach and manager, and has achieved an elite level in all that is required in preparing an expert table tennis player from the foundations to world class level. All that I learnt from Jurek is still being integrated into my sport and everyday life, and will forever be an asset. Thank you."  

Xu Kai (Junior champion of China, many times team champion of Poland, national coach of Poland): „In 2003-2004 I worked in the national coaching team as one of the assistant coaches of Jurek Grycan. Jurek, as the head coach, presented excellent management skills, he worked with long-term and clear vision, our training plan was always well prepared, technical and tactical requirements were always discussed in details, whole work was carefully planned”.   


·        The basic prices of training camps are: 1593 PLZ,     

        To confirm the order prepayment  as soon as possible of  700 PLZ is required, the rest amount  you can pay at the first day of training camp or just before through Internet transfer;

·        Unfortunately we have limited number of places.


·        Enrolment through website www.integralnytenisstoł , mail:

·        Bank account name and number: Bank Pekao SA, Table Tennis Jerzy Grycan, 06 1240 1066 1111 0010 1803 8997

                                            Jerzy Grycan with the team    

P.s. Ask for additional information: Jerzy Grycan +48 696 557 718;                                      

P.p.s. Each participant should have with him/herself: table tennis cloth and equipment, running and swimming cloth, participation card (will be available soon);                                                                                                                                                          

P.p.p.s. Each participant will get special DVD with pictures and film from the camp(s);

P.p.p.p.s.  Aha, and something more… During whole training camp, traditionally, we will monitor and test carefully every child – his/her current level of physical qualities, technical and tactical skills, and mental skills; the whole team will work to identify strengths of each child, and to prepare special report that will be the base for individual training plan 2014/15 for each child.


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Friday, 24 January 2014

Tygodnik Działdowski o FUNdamentach:

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Sunday, 05 January 2014


Prawie 150 osób z całej Polski wzięło udział  w Warsztatach Szkoleniowych  dla trenerów, instruktorów i nauczycieli, które odbyły się  4 stycznia 2014 w Poznaniu.


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Monday, 23 December 2013

Wszystkim Miłośnikom Integralnego Tenisa Stołowego 




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Friday, 25 October 2013

Zbuduj z nami nową szkółkę dla dzieci


Jeśli jesteś trenerem, działaczem, nauczycielem, zawodnikiem lub byłym zawodnikiem to być może jest to dla Ciebie okazja...


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Monday, 27 May 2013


FUNdamenty od marzenia do Mistrzostwa

Jerzy Grycan - program autorski  


Dołącz do nas... 


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Tuesday, 03 September 2013

  Lato 2013 

Fotoreportaże i wywiady z uczestnikami obozów

Integralnego Tenisa Stołowego

w Międzyzdrojach, Jeżewie, Rzucewie i Luboniu 


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Friday, 10 February 2006

 Welcome to the website of the book...  


Integral table tennis

How to reach higher levels of training, coaching, managing and bettering your life quality through practicing table tennis


What will you find out from this book,

and other information products & services on this website?



The aim of this book, and other information products & services, is to present my personal vision of the integral training system of table tennis. Vision, that is the reflection of my current level of consciousness... The vision which is leaning on my understanding of the Mastery as the process, where success is effort, responsibility, optimism and concentration...

This is the guide for people interested in table tennis as the tool for the development, and in turn, changes your life into one that becomes more full (more integral). This is a guide for the people who want to create culture based on continues self-discovering and self-improving, live a healthy lifestyle, support the principles of honesty, fair-play, kindness, dialogue, co-operation and joy of life around them. "Integral table tennis" is the book for everybody who wants to imagine „what table tennis can look like after 7, 20, or 100 years”, and to take some steps to advance together in this direction. Studying this book you will learn how you can simultaneously develop:

1.. Physical preparation How to improve your co-ordination, agility, speed, strength, power, endurance and flexibility. How to improve your general, special and specific fitness.

2.. Technical preparation – How to master basic technical skills of game: Grip, Basic Ready Posture and Position, Footwork. How to master various single table tennis strokes: Services, Attacks, defencive strokes, Pushes, Blocks, Chops, Service Returns etc.. How to perfect the combinations of strokes: Service and Attack, Service Return and Counterattack, Attack and Counterattack, Defence and Counter-attack, Push and Counterattack, Attack against Chop, Chop and Counter-attack. How to improve the quality of strokes (speed, power, rotations, placement, and consistency). How to improve the variety in your play and the ability of the creative adaptation to various situations in the game.

3. Tactical preparation – How to perfect the art of winning. How to use various tactical principles in the game. How to cultivate the individual style of play. How to master the most effective tactical strategies. How to develop your intelligence in the game (your "game sense").

4. ConsciousnessHow to develop your emotional intelligence in table tennis. How to master your mental toughness. How to arouse and maintain the positive motivation. How to deal with difficult emotions. How to shape the positive (optimistic) attitude. How to learn thinking in pictures (visualization). How to arouse positive emotions. How to arouse higher mental states in a process of training and competition. How to develop the skills of concentrating the attention during the game. How to shape your self-confidence. How to develop the consciousness, toward the highest levels. How to develop spiritual intelligence.

5.. Attending Competitions – How to prepare for the competition. How to proceed during the competitions. What to do after the competitions to get the best benefits from them.

6. Planning Recovery – How to organise recovery in table tennis. How to cultivate health in table tennis. How to lead active and healthy lifestyle. How to cultivate body-awareness. How to maintain the ballanced bodyweight. What to do to feel well with/in your body.

7.. Training environment – How to monitor the training. How to plan training in table tennis. How to design the Annual Plan the year. How to design a Long-Term Plan. What is necessary for the creation of the integral organization in table tennis. What tasks the chief management has. How to build the learning organization in table tennis. What tasks have the various persons supporting training (coaches, managers, parents etc. ) to fulfill. What values to cultivate at the integral organization of table tennis.

The system of integral training in table tennis, presented here, is based on personal:

  • Over 30 years of research „how the champions of the world train in table tennis”.

  • Many years of studying the best practices in sport, education, psychology, psychotherapy, spirituality, organization and management, business etc.

  • Adaptation to table tennis and the integration of the various mind training techniques – Gestalt Therapy, NLP, Silva Method, Holosinc Solution, Zen etc..

  • Utilization of the knowledge of the best training strategies in front countries in table tennis and in the sport – „modeling Champions”.

  • About 30 years of the coaching work which brought hundreds of medals for the national and international competition arenas.

  • About 20-years of experiences in coaching National Teams in Poland and Australia in table tennis.

  • Many years of investigations of the process of training with utilization of the precise methods of monitoring training and competitions in table tennis enabling the defining of „what works” and „what does not act” and...

  • Constant and never ending improvement of this system, in which you can also have your share!! I invite you to the dialogue here.
Read more about integral table tennis:

  Interview for German Table Tennis Magazine